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Aro Brothers was founded in 1960 by brothers Jim and Harold Aro. In July 2007 Aro Brothers was bought by Shirley Aro (founder Jim Aro’s daughter) jointly with Alex Puri who was the workshop foreman and has worked for the Company since 1985. Shirley runs the administration side of Aro Bros (2007) Ltd and Alex has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience and can help solve pretty much all problems or issues to do with towbars, trailers, carrying or carting and the latest regulations and necessary requirements. As well as manufacturing and designing custom trailers Aro Bros also specialise in the repair and alterations of all types of trailers whether it is retro fitting brakes to non-braked trailers, or repairing brakes on existing braked trailers. We also prepare, repair and alter trailers prior to re-galvanising. We manufacture axles and replace bearings and parts as required. Along with trailers Aro Bros also specialise in towbars. We manufacture our own ARO brand towbars and have done so since 1960. We are up to date with all current standards and requirements for all towbars up to 3500kg whether the vehicle is on a WOF or a COF. With the invent of modern technology vehicles have become very complex machines and with the introduction of LED lights and the Can Bus electrical system we fit an ECU box to vehicles that have this electrical setup to overcome any issues with the vehicles engine management system. Because we specialise in Towbars and Trailers we can solve any issues that occur between the trailer and the vehicle electrical system. Tradesman Roof racks are also a specialty of Aro Bros as are the roof racks for the sports and recreational enthusiasts to carry bikes, kayaks, hunting, fishing or skiing equipment.


We use the best engineering technology

Specialised Welding

Our team don't just fit towers we make bespoke specialised products for customers. Like chiller trailers, jet ski racks and tip trucks. You will be surprised what we can do.

Vehicle Computers

Technology has changed the way we do things and on your vehicle its important to protect your computer. Our technicians are experts in vehicle aux systems and can help you protect your investment with only the best workmanship.

Top Brands

You can rest assured we stock the leading brands when it comes to additional towing items. take a look at our online shop today.


Shirley Aro will take care of you from start to finish and let you know of progress

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Aro Bros Sponsorship

2015/17 Superboat 600 Champion winners! Aro Bros are proud to do all of the trailer maintenance for the team.

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