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  • Bearing Seals

    More seals for your trailer

  • Coupling

    This is your standard must have item

  • High Rise Towball Auckland

    High Rise Towball


    High Rise Tow-ball now available.

    Available in 1″ and 7/8″ shank. This 50mm towball is suitable for most imported caravans. Rated to 3500kg and the kit contains the towball, mounting plate and locating nut and washer.

    Call Aro Bros Trailers and Towbars Auckland now: 09 622 1167

  • Li Ion Thunder Booster Pack


    Weighing only 615g, the Thunder Jump Starter is a compact but powerful power supply.

    Producing 600 cold crank amps, its three 3.7A/4.2V lithium cells has a capacity of 18,000 milli ampere hours. Not only can this restart a V8 engine, it is powerful enough to:

    Jump start a small capacity car up to 40 times

    Charge a mobile phone approximately 10 times

    Supply power to a laptop for up to six hours

    The Thunder Jump Starter comes with three common phone charger cables, eight popular laptop connections, a 12V 10A power socket and even a built in torch. Portable power has never been so accessible.

  • Super Mini Booster Pack

    The smallest and most powerful Jump Start pack in the world. Can be charged in six hours via a 240v charger and comes with a 12v power adaptor cable.


    Size: 20.4 cm length x x16.2 cm width x 14.5 height
    Weight: 4.6 kilogram with two LED lights

    1.   LED’s To light up under hood when connecting the mini booster
    2.   Use it as a Warning/ SOS signal* Output: 12V (DC) / 80W* Instant Max.Current: 1200 Ampere

      * Charging power: AC 100-240V charger,50/60 Hz, UL, CE Certified

    * C-Tick Approval No: N29247
    * Re-chargeable Battery: Acid battery DC 12V 14 Ah
    * Vehicle range : All petrol vehicles up to 7L & 4.5L Diesel vehicles

    * Long standby

    * 100% Memory free
    * Fitted with anti-spike system to avoid damage to cars computer system. This is an awesome unit and is very reliable.

    A must for every car workshop, private home, take out on the launch, especially for the ladies to use confidently

  • Tow Bars South Auckland

    Towball 50mm

    Trojan wheel bearing seal St1234

  • Trailer Hub

    We have a full range of safety chains and shackles for pricing click below.

  • Trailer Springs

    Hayman Reece Towballs are the best on the market

  • Wheel Bearings

    Wheel Bearings ST123 Easy fit low cost