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  • Li Ion Thunder Booster Pack


    Weighing only 615g, the Thunder Jump Starter is a compact but powerful power supply.

    Producing 600 cold crank amps, its three 3.7A/4.2V lithium cells has a capacity of 18,000 milli ampere hours. Not only can this restart a V8 engine, it is powerful enough to:

    Jump start a small capacity car up to 40 times

    Charge a mobile phone approximately 10 times

    Supply power to a laptop for up to six hours

    The Thunder Jump Starter comes with three common phone charger cables, eight popular laptop connections, a 12V 10A power socket and even a built in torch. Portable power has never been so accessible.

  • Super Mini Booster Pack

    The smallest and most powerful Jump Start pack in the world. Can be charged in six hours via a 240v charger and comes with a 12v power adaptor cable.


    Size: 20.4 cm length x x16.2 cm width x 14.5 height
    Weight: 4.6 kilogram with two LED lights

    1.   LED’s To light up under hood when connecting the mini booster
    2.   Use it as a Warning/ SOS signal* Output: 12V (DC) / 80W* Instant Max.Current: 1200 Ampere

      * Charging power: AC 100-240V charger,50/60 Hz, UL, CE Certified

    * C-Tick Approval No: N29247
    * Re-chargeable Battery: Acid battery DC 12V 14 Ah
    * Vehicle range : All petrol vehicles up to 7L & 4.5L Diesel vehicles

    * Long standby

    * 100% Memory free
    * Fitted with anti-spike system to avoid damage to cars computer system. This is an awesome unit and is very reliable.

    A must for every car workshop, private home, take out on the launch, especially for the ladies to use confidently